What We Do

The Art of Fundraising

At Déjà Partners, we're passionate about helping entrepreneurs and early stage companies succeed.

We offer a range of pro bono (at no cost) services to assist early stage companies prepare for a successful fundraising with institutional investors. Our initial goal is to help you secure the funding you need to grow your business and achieve your long-term goals.

With a deep understanding of both entrepreneurship and institutional investment, we then work with you to create sustainable growth. We tend to focus on Seed and Pre-Series A companies looking for more than just funding and over the longer-term we help you to develop and implement strategies for scaling your business, as well as provide executive mentoring and non-executive board participation. We forego short-term fees while looking to participate in long-term value creation through equity based compensation.

We also offer Learning & Development services such as seminars and custom workshops to help you understand the fundraising process and how to optimise your engagement with potential investors.

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How We Engage

From Initial Assessment to Extended Collaboration

Assessing Your Company

As a startup entrepreneur, you may be wondering how we assess your company initially in terms of growth potential and suitability for institutional investment.

The first thing we look at is the product or service you are offering. Is it something that is in high demand? Is it a new and innovative product or service? If so, then your company is off to a good start.

We also look at your target market. Is it a rapidly growing industry? Is there a large and untapped potential market for your product or service? Do you have a clear and achievable business plan? If so, then your company has good growth potential.

Finally, we look at your management team. Do you have a strong and motivated management team in place? If so, then your company is well-positioned for success and we would like to help you develop a successful investment proposition that is investor ready.

Developing The Investment Proposition

Raising capital is one of the most challenging aspects of starting and growing a business. Without capital, there is no foundation for success.

At Déjà Partners, our team have worked as senior executives in industry as well as leading European venture capital firms. We understand, intimately, the perspective of early stage companies who are planning to raise capital as well as the core objectives of investment firms.

Through a series of pro bono workshops, we utilise our 'Less is More Framework' to focus the company on the absolute essentials for a successful pitch of their investment proposition. As part of this process, we then bring the leadership team through a number of rehearsals, including realistic Q&A, in order for them to hone their presentation skills prior to meeting with an investment firm.

Finally, following a successful engagement with investors, we are able to advise you on deal structuring and negotiating a term sheet.

Creating Long-Term Value

As entrepreneurs, we often think about how to generate value in our companies in the short-term. However, it is also important to consider how we can help create value over the long-term for all the stakeholders involved. There are a few key ways you can make sure you're generating value for your company.

First, focus on creating a culture of excellence and customer service. This will help ensure that your company is consistently delivering quality products and services, which will lead to repeat customers and higher sales.

Secondly, invest in growth opportunities. This could mean expanding your product line or opening new locations. By investing in growth, you'll be able to increase your company's value over time.

Finally, make sure you're constantly looking for ways to improve efficiency and lower costs. By doing this, you'll be able to increase your profits and shareholder value.

By following these tips, you can help ensure that your company is generating value for all stakeholders over the long-term. This may all seem daunting but at Déjà Partners we take a hands-on approach to assist you in long-term value creation.

We work closely with our portfolio companies and entrepreneurs, providing mentorship, guidance and support over the long-term. Our goal is to help our portfolio companies grow and succeed. We are here to help them navigate the challenges of running a business and to provide them with the support they need to create value and achieve their goals.

Learning & Development

Do you want to learn how to raise money for your business? Or how to optimise your engagement with potential investors? Déjà Partners offers educational seminars and custom workshops to help you understand the art of fundraising. We also work with technology incubators, company accelerators and state agencies to provide Learning & Development programmes for entrepreneurs on how to successfully engage with institutional investors. So if you're looking for advice on how to attract investors and get funding for your business, we can help.